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A technology that is developed around the needs of dental care is a powerful tool for dental professionals. The technology can greatly influence the effectiveness of treatment. Dental examinations play a crucial role in dental care. The time and effort spent in dental evaluation are very valuable to both the patient and the dentist. This is why, we as dental care providers, give pivotal importance to innovative technologies in all areas of dental care. We believe that the quality of treatment offered at our dental practice can be greatly enhanced with the use of advanced techniques. Therefore it becomes necessary for us to stay updated about the latest developments in dental technologies and implement the best ones at our office.

I CAT FLX – An overview

I CAT FLX is known to be a breakthrough technological equipment in 3D imaging. The cone beam 3D imaging system is known for its sophistication, functionality and its wonderful interface. The quality of 3D images produced is truly amazing and whats more interesting is that the system does this with a dose lower than that of 2D Panoramic X-ray with QuickScan+. Following are some of the key features of I CAT FLX.

  • 3D imaging of full dentition at a lower dose
  • Visual iQuity for great quality 3D images
  • Touch screen interface which is easy to use
  • Traditional 2D imaging possible with i-Pan
  • An ergonomic system which lets our team take the images with lesser body movement of patients

I CAT FLX Application

I CAT FLX 3D imaging system helps our team and general dentists in the city of Salida, Colorado in a number of applications.

  • Implant Planning
  • Surgical Guide Designing
  • Face Matching
  • Airway tracing

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